Logie Newton Cairns
Logie Newton Cairns
There are three closely-spaced cairns situated in a wonderful position on the sloping side of Kirk Hill, above Logie Newton and the River Ythan. The cairns are built of quartzite blocks. The cairns are small, between 6 and 7 metres across - compare this to the large size of earlier cairns like Loanhead.

The quartzite blocks are very large, ranging up to 1.3 metes long.

Cairn A is the smallest at 5m in diameter, while Cairns B and C are 7.5m across. Cairn A has most of its kerb stones intact, though several lie within the circle. Cairn C is a turf-covered mound about 0.6m high.

The cairns have never been excavated but probably contain one or more burials.

In the same area are numerous ancient sites, including Loanhead Stone Circle, Fyvie Symbol Stones, and the Newton Stone standing stone.