Bull House, Lewes
Bull House, Lewes

Bull House is an attractive timber-framed building on Lewes High street, dating to the 15th century. From 1768-1774 it was the home of writer and philosopher Thomas Paine. Paine's intellectual writings helped provide the inspiration for the American Revolution.

Bull House is owned by the Sussex Archaeological Society - the largest such county society in England - who use it as their head offices during the week.

On weekends the House is open to visitors via special pre-booked tours. There are leaflets about the house and signboards detailing historic features.

Tours are currently limited to 10 people and must be booked in advance - see website information. There are also guided tours highlighting Thomas Paine's association with the town of Lewes.

The website address given is for the tour guide - there is further information about Bull House on the website of the Sussex Archaeological Society.