British Golf Museum, St Andrews
British Golf Museum, St Andrews

The British Golf Museum is a treasure trove for the golf fanatic. The museum is hosted at one of the most famous golf courses in the world, and features AV displays and a wealth of golf memorabilia. The museum is located directly across from the famous Old Course, and can easily be reached on foot from St Andrews town centre.
Trace the history of golf, not just at St Andrews, but all across Britain, with collections dating from the 17th century. see trophies, medals, artwork, historical photos, books, tickets, programmes, clothing, clubs and more. Learn the history of early Professional golf and the stories of legendary figures like Old Tom Morris, the 'Grand Old Man of Golf'.

The museum holds over 17,000 historic objects, from the very beginnings of golf in the Middle Ages to the present day. Highlights include the 1754 'Articles and Laws in Playing the Golf' hand-written entry in the minute book of the Society of St Andrews Golfers. There are only 13 Rules, but they still form the basis of the game we know today.
See a 'driving putter' made in 1848 by Hugh Philp, a local St Andrews carpenter.

The collection of historic objects is fascinating; see a ball pattern-making press from 1890, used to impress dimples onto a ball's surface. See trophies awarded to early golfing legends, such as the gold pocket watch given to James Braid and the medal given to Tom Morris Jr for his Open triumph in 1872.

One of the enjoyable features at the museum is the collection of old and unusual golf clubs and equipment, including a ball made of cane by a POW in Edinburgh during WWII.

A more recent and poignant addition to the museum is the pair of shoes worn by Seve Ballesteros for his Scottish Open win in 1991.