Kilmartin Museum
Kilmartin Museum
The Kilmartin area is incredibly rich in prehistoric and ancient monuments, and the museum is perfectly placed to share archaeological finds from Kilmartin Glen and across Argyll at large.

What to see

The museum is a bit of a central clearinghouse for archaeological remains found, not just in Kilmartin Glen, but throughout Argyll. And when you consider that there are over 800 historic monuments in the area, there's a lot to take in! The museum also helps promote the heritage of the glen through archaeological scholarships.


There is so much history to take in when visiting Kilmartin Glen. The museum offers a very good place to get a sense of the extraordinary range of prehistoric monuments, medieval ruins, crosses, grave slabs, and all the rest of the wonderful array of historic reminders that make the area so rewarding to visit.

It is almost surreal to see the ceramic container excavated from Glebe Cairn, and without moving, look out the museum window to see the cairn itself in the valley below you.

The museum is usually open daily from March-October and closed during the winter months.