Brogborough Hill Gateway Trail (c) Dennis Simpson
Brogborough Hill Gateway Trail

Brogborough Hill is a woodland area with a picnic site just outside the Marston Vale Community Forest, with easy access to forest walks and an orienteering course. Excellent views over Marston Vale.

The highlight of a visit to Brogborough is the Gateway Trail, a 3.5-mile path that takes you through the ancient woodland of Hulcot Wood, managed by the Woodland Trust. From there the trail follows permissive footpaths, through the Forest of Marston Vale.

There is an orienteering course established by the South Midlands Orienteering Club and maps are available from the Forestry Centre. In all, there are over 300 acres of woodland, a mix of ancient stands of trees and new plantations, with miles of footpaths to enjoy. Good waterproof footwear is always a good idea!