Bucharn Cairn
Bucharn Cairn
Bucharn Cairn is a huge early Bronze Age or late Neolithic cairn on a terraced hillside site above the River Feugh. The cairn stretches 27 metres across, and up to 4.5 metres high.

The site on the edge of a terrace gives wide-ranging views over the river and across to the Forest of Birse.

The platform on which the cairn sits is not a natural feature but appears to have been formed by field clearance.

About 0.75 miles to the east is a second cairn of about the same size, and there is a much smaller cairn directly east with a dyke running through it.

The cairn stands about 300m north of the B976 immediately east of Croftfoddie.

There are a pair of stone circles about four miles away; Glassel Dam Wood and Nine Stanes Stone Circles.