The Falls of Feugh
The Falls of Feugh

The Falls of Feugh is a famous beauty spot on the River Feugh immediately south of its confluence with the River Dee, just outside Banchory. The Falls can be easily seen from a footbridge that crosses the Feugh beside the old stone bridge that links to the B974.

The Falls of Feugh are a good place to watch the salmon leap as they travel upriver to spawn. The best times to view the salmon are from September - November and from February - March. The falls are only about half a mile from the centre of Banchory and can easily be reached on foot.

Look for the old turnpike toll house by the bridge; it was built with windows on two sides so that the toll minder could watch for travellers coming in both directions.

There is a free parking area on the minor road off the B974 (across the bridge), and a restaurant and tea room with views of the waterfalls.

The Falls of Feugh is included in our list of 22 Beautiful Scottish Waterfalls.