Drumtroddan Standing Stones
Drumtroddan Standing Stones
Also known as Drumtroddan Standing Stone Plantation, this interesting ancient site is made up of three stones, two standing and one fallen, within a fenced enclosure. The upright stones are 43 feet apart and are closely matched in height at just over 10 feet tall (though one stone cants over at quite an angle).

The three stones are set on what seems a deliberate north-east/south-west alignment. It is possible that the alignment was meant to mark the position of the midwinter sun and the rising sun at midsummer.

This angled stone is fascinating; it is thick most of the way along its length, but it tapers drastically near the base so that it seems remarkable that it does not snap off from its own weight!

The middle stone of the three has fallen to the ground. Records suggest that there was once a fourth stone, but there is no trace of this last stone now.

A short distance away across the fields - and also on the land of Drumtroddan Farm - are a grouping of cup and ring marked stones. These monuments are often considered as part of the same prehistoric landscape.