Gordon Boswell Romany Museum
Gordon Boswell Romany Museum
The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum offers an unusual collection of Romany (gypsy) horse-drawn caravans and carts. In addition there is a slideshow and presentation on the Romany way of life, plus tools, a fortune-telling tent, cooking utensils used over a open fire, and a wealth of old photographs.
Visitors see lovingly restored gypsy wagons and carts, and listen as Gordon talks about the traditional Romany way of life and answers any questions you may have. The Gordon Boswell Museum holds the largest collection of Romany Vardos (traditional painted wagons) in the world, and is the largest museum of Romany history. Old photos and sketches go back over 150 years.

See a slideshow about the journey from Spalding to the popular Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria, and see a collection of old family photographs illustrating the Romany people and lifestyle. Visit the stables and see the hoses that pull the wagons, and have tea and biscuits with the museum owners. For a slight extra charge you can have a guided tour of the museum collection.

A Romany Day Out

This is much more than a museum, however; you can take a 7 mile ride in a horse-drawn Romany Vardo, stopping to make a traditional stick fire and cook a steak in Romany fashion. Enjoy the slow pace and traditional Romany meal before harnessing up the horses for a leisurely return trip. As an alternative, visitors can enjoy a shorter 1-2 hour carriage drive, experiencing for themselves the slow pace of life enjoyed by Romany people over centuries.

The museum has featured on numerous television programmes over the years, including appearances on the History and Discovery channels.