Great Britain is a haven for collectors, whether your fancy runs to antiques, dolls, toys, teddy bears, or other forms of memorabilia or nostalgia. Britain for Collectors explores the ins and outs of collecting in the UK, whether you are a serious collector or just want to save time and find the best markets, stores, and bargains in Britain. Enjoy your collecting!


Antiques in London
Beatrix Potter's Lake District
Canterbury for Collectors
Honiton Lace
London Antique Markets
Newark Antiques Fair
Pooh Country

Britain for Collectors is written by Terry & Doris Michaud, internationally known in the world of teddy bear collectors. They have authored 5 books on collecting and regularly write features for magazines in the U.S. and abroad. In a partnership with Bill & Rosemary Hayes, they conduct annual collector's tours to Great Britain.

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