by Terry & Doris Michaud

There is much to see and do in this marvellous city to the North, and a common mistake made by visitors is to allow too little time to explore its wonders. It is simply not a place you can visit in a half-day, or even a day. Edinburgh is divided into the old city and the more modern Edinburgh, and both have "must-see" places, including some of Britain's finest museums and galleries.

Most certainly you will want to visit Edinburgh Castle, perched high on the hill at the top of the old city. If you make your visit during August you can take in the world-famous Military Tattoo held on the promenade of the castle. It features military and pipe bands from around the world and draws some 350,000 visitors.

Making reservations in Edinburgh for August has to be done well in advance. A leisure stroll from the castle down the Royal Mile provides the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing shopping. If your heritage traces to Scotland, the Royal Mile has any number of shops that can provide you with your proper tartan, kilts and other traditional garb.

Edinburgh Bear Company
The Edinburgh Bear
Company is a popular
stop for teddy bear

If you are a collector, better plan on twice as much time, as this city offers more than its share of shops markets for collectables, from early pieces to contemporary.

Within a few minutes walk of the castle is Bacchus Antiques at 95 West Bow. They offer a good variety of items for collectors, including antiques and memorabilia related to Golf, the game invented In Scotland.

The Royal Mile Gallery is located at 272 Canongate, and here you will find antique maps and engraved prints from the 1550s to 1880.

Gordon Inglis Antiques is a quaint shop at 8 Barclay Terrace, specializing in ceramics from 1850 to 1940.

High on our list of places to stop when in Edinburgh is the Museum of Childhood, where there are several floors of displays of books, dolls, toys and teddy bears.

scottish woollens in Edinburgh
Woollen goods are plentiful and inexpensive in Scotland as our
partner Rosemary Hayes
discovers on a regular basis!

Museums often provide vital information in dating items from our own collections. The Museum of Childhood is located at 42 High Street.

If you want reasonably fast food service and great food, Pubs in Britain can provide it. We always head for the nearest pub for our noon meal, and frequently seek one out for dinner as well. A popular spot In Edinburgh is Deacon Brodie's Tavern.

When planning your visit, pack a bag with everything you need to take with you, then unpack and leave half of it home! Travel light and wear comfortable clothing. Britain tends to be cooler than the weather back home in the summer, so we take along jeans and sweatshirts, with layers of clothing to fit the weather.

Take along a collapsible soft duffle bag to pack your gift and collectable purchases in. The number one question we get the last few days of our tour to Britain is "Where is the nearest luggage store?!!". Remember too that most merchants will arrange to ship your purchases home, avoiding the hassle of lugging everything with you for the entire trip.

Britain for Collectors is written by Terry & Doris Michaud, internationally known in the world of teddy bear collectors. They have authored 5 books on collecting and regularly write features for magazines in the U.S. and abroad. In a partnership with Bill & Rosemary Hayes, they conduct annual collector's tours to Great Britain.

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