Greenhill Covenanters' House
Greenhill Covenanters' House
A 17th-century farmhouse transported from another location, refurbished with period furnishings that explore life in the Covenanting era, when Presbyterians and Royalists clashed.
This 17th-century house originally stood at Wiston, 7 miles away from Biggar. In 1975 the house was moved piece by piece to the Burn Braes in Biggar and reassembled like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

The house was carefully refurbished to show how it would have looked during the turbulent 'Killing Times' when religious conflict meant that people could be hunted down for the simple act of worshipping in a public field, rather than in an officially approved Church of Scotland kirk.

Learn about the signing of the National Covenant in 1683 and the conflict that followed, when religious worship was as much an act of political affiliation as it was an act of conscience and belief. The Covenanters House offers a glimpse into a troubled time in Scotland's history, in a historic setting beside a bridge over Biggar Burn.

The Covenanters House is run by the Biggar Museum Trust and is open by appointment.

We've received notice that the House may no longer be open to the public. We will verify opening status and update this page as soon as possible.