Dawyck Botanic Garden
Dawyck Botanic Garden
Dawyck is one of the finest arboreta in Britain, if not the world. The arboretum offers a lush display of colour throughout the year. The garden is set within the Dawyck Estate, in the beautiful landscape of the Scottish Borders.

Highlights include the Azalea Terrace, which offers a brightly coloured display in spring. One often-photographed feature is a Dutch bridge, overlooked by Douglas firs. Near the bridge is a small waterfall on Scrape Burn, where you can find snowdrops in spring.

There are old larches and a Beech Walk offering excellent views to Dawyck House. The garden is decorated with Italian stonework commissioned by Sir John Naesmith, who once owned the garden. Sir John is also responsible for the decorative urns that act as focal points throughout the gardens.

Another feature is Dynamo Pond, created to provide water for a small-scale hydroelectric scheme that generated electricity for Dawyck House. Beside the pond is an ancient larch that is among the oldest trees in the garden.

Dawyck is associated with the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, as a regional centre.