Twycross Zoo
Twycross Zoo
With over 650 animals and almost 150 species, Twycross boasts the largest collection of primate species in the Western hemisphere, including some of the most endangered species in the world and the only group of bonobos in Britain. Much of the focus at Twycross is on the World Primate Centre, but there is also a very large collection of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates to enjoy.

The zoo stretches over 80 acres of open Leicestershire countryside, so there is plenty of room for the animals to roam about - and lots for visitors to explore!

Among the highlights are the Borneo Longhouse, where a winding path leads through an exotic bird and animal exhibits set in a landscape of aquatic gardens. Four female Asian elephants can be viewed from a Sri Lankan themed walkway, and a family of endangered snow leopards in the Himalayan exhibit.

Recent additions include owl aviaries, a penguin lagoon, and a special Bush Dog and Coatl island exhibit. There is a giant tortoise outdoor walk, where these amazing reptiles can be seen sunbathing.

Follow a lemur walk-through and a special area for Amur leopards. In addition to these more exotic exhibits, the zoo has its own nature reserve, so you can explore native British countryside and wildlife habitat.

Twycross is run as a charitable trust and provides an ongoing educational programme of events aimed at giving children a better understanding of our natural world. There are free daily animal talks, outdoor play areas, and full conference facilities.

Thanks to Twycross Zoo for the photos by Gillian Day.