Templestone Stone Circle
Templestone Stone Circle
More of a rectangle than a stone circle, Templestone is of a type known as a 'four-poster'. There are four stones, arranged as the corners of a rectangle measuring about 3.4 by 2.7 metres (about 11 x 9 feet).

The space between the four stones is filled with smaller stones, suggesting a cairn. One of the unusual features is that the stones are of different makeup. The north-west stone is sandstone, the south-west is quartzite sandstone, and the south-east stone is whinstone.

The tallest stone is the north-west stone, at about 4'7".

The stones were probably erected around 1500 BC.

This style of four-poster stone arrangement is much later than earlier recumbent circles in this area, such as at Glassel Dam Wood.

The stone circle is just off the minor road north of Rafford, a few hundred yards south of Blervie Castle.