Castle Point Fort (c) JThomas
Castle Point Fort

Castle Point Fort is a promontory fort on a steep-sided clifftop just west of Pennan harbour. The site was first enclosed by a palisade in the late prehistoric period. The palisade was then replaced by a wall made of stone and timber combined, with a complex gateway entrance.

Later still, a second stone wall was erected inside the first. This second wall was later vitrified (fused by fire). Excavations on the site have revealed huts used by metalworkers.

The site was in use during the Dark Ages, and there are partial remains of a medieval stone castle.

There is another promontory fort at Cleaved Head, about eight miles away, and burial cairns at Memsie and Longman Hill, about eight miles away.

Do not confuse this Castle Point Fort with the site near Goodwick in Pembrokeshire with the same name!