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For up to the minute flight information, timetables, and flight arrivals, visit the BAA website at

The following is a list of airlines currently operating regular flights out of Gatwick, and the terminals from which they operate. This information is believed up to date at time of publication, October 5, 2009, but again, to be sure, check the official Gatwick airport site!

If your flight is with a charter operator, you'll need to check with them to see which terminal their flights use.

Sort by Accommodation RatingDestination Sort by Accommodation RatingAirline Sort by Accommodation RatingTerminal
Aalborg South
Aberdeen Flybe South
Accra Ghana International Airlines South
Agadir Thomas Cook South
Agadir Thomson Airways North
Ajaccio easyJet North
Alghero (Sardinia) Thomson Airways North
Alicante Ryanair South
Alicante Thomson Airways North
Alicante British Airways North
Alicante easyJet North
Alicante Monarch Airlines South
Almeria Thomas Cook South
Almeria easyJet South
Amsterdam British Airways North
Amsterdam Easy Jet North
Amsterdam Flybe South
Amsterdam Transavia South
Antalya Monarch Airlines South
Antalya Onur Air South
Antalya Thomas Cook South
Antalya Thomson Airways North
Antalya British Airways North
Antigua Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Arrecife Monarch Airlines South
Arrecife Thomas Cook South
Arrecife Thomson Airways North
Arricife Viking Airlines South
Arricife easyJet North
Aruba Thomson Airways North
Athens easyJet North
Atlanta Delta Air Lines North
Banjul Viking Airlines South
Barbados British Airways North
Barbados Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Barcelona Air Nostrum North
Barcelona British Airways North
Barcelona easyJet South
Bari British Airways North
Basle easyJet North
Bastia easyJet North
Bastia Viking Airlines South
Belfast City Flybe South
Belfast International easyJet South
Bergen SAS South
Bergen South
Bergerac Flybe South
Berlin Schoenefeld easyJet South
Bermuda British Airways North
Biarritz easyJet South
Billund Cimber Sterling South
Boa Vista Thomson Airways North
Bodrum Onur Air South
Bodrum Thomas Cook South
Bodrum Thomson Airways North
Bodrum Monarch Airlines South
Bodrum easyJet North
Bologna British Airways North
Bordeaux British Airways North
Brussels Brussels Airlines North
Budapest Malev North
Budapest easyJet South
Burgas BH Air (Balkan Holidays) South
Burgas Thomas Cook South
Burgas Thomson Airways North
Cagliari British Airways North
Calgary Air Transat South
Calvi (Corsica) Thomson Airways North
Cancun Thomas Cook South
Cancun Thomson Airways North
Cape Verde Islands Thomson Airways North
Catania Thomson Airways North
Catania Air Malta South
Catania British Airways North
Chambery Viking Airlines South
Chania Viking Airlines South
Chania Thomson Airways North
Chania Monarch Airlines South
Charlotte US Airways South
Cincinnati Delta Air Lines North
Cologne (Bonn) easyJet South
Copenhagen easyJet South
Copenhagen South
Copenhagen Cimber Sterling South
Corfu Monarch Airlines South
Corfu Thomas Cook South
Corfu Thomson Airways North
Corfu Viking Airlines South
Corfu easyJet North
Cork Aer Lingus South
Cork Ryanair South
Cozumel Thomson Airways North
Cunagua Thomas Cook South
Dalaman easyJet North
Dalaman Onur Air South
Dalaman Thomas Cook South
Dalaman Cyprus Turkish Airlines North
Dalaman Thomson Airways North
Djibouti Daallo Airlines North
Doha Qatar Airways North
Dubai Emirates North
Dublin Aer Lingus South
Dublin Ryanair South
Dubrovnik Thomson Airways North
Dubrovnik British Airways North
Dubrovnik Monarch Airlines South
Dubrovnik Croatia Airlines South
Dubrovnik easyJet South
Dusseldorf Flybe South
Edinburgh British Airways North
Edinburgh easyJet South
Faro Thomas Cook South
Faro Aer Lingus South
Faro Viking Airlines South
Faro Thomson Airways North
Faro British Airways North
Faro easyJet North
Fez Atlas Blue North
Figari Thomson Airways North
Florence Meridiana Airlines South
Frederichton Air Transat South
Fuerteventura Thomas Cook South
Fuerteventura Thomson Airways North
Fuerteventura Viking Airlines South
Funchal Thomas Cook South
Funchal Thomson Airways North
Funchal TAP Air Portugal South
Funchal easyJet North
Geneva easyJet North
Genoa British Airways North
Genoa Ryanair South
Gerona Thomson Airways North
Gibralter British Airways North
Gibralter easyJet North
Glasgow British Airways North
Glasgow easyJet South
Goa Monarch Airlines Charter South
Grenada British Airways North
Grenada Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Guernsey Aurigny South
Guernsey Flybe South
Halifax Thomas Cook South
Harare Air Zimbabwe South
Hassi Messauod Air Algerie South
Hassi Messauod Monarch Airlines South
Havana Cubana South
Havana Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Helsinki easyJet North
Heraklion Monarch Airlines South
Heraklion Thomas Cook South
Heraklion Thomson Airways North
Heraklion Viking Airlines South
Heraklion easyJet North
Holguin Thomas Cook South
Holguin Thomson Airways North
Hurghada Thomas Cook South
Hurghada Viking Airlines South
Hurghada easyJet North
Ibiza Monarch Airlines South
Ibiza Thomas Cook South
Ibiza Thomson Airways North
Ibiza British Airways North
Ibiza easyJet South
Innsbruck easyJet South
Inverness Flybe South
Inverness easyJet South
Isle of Man Flybe South
Istabul easyJet South
Izmir Thomas Cook South
Izmir Thomson Airways North
Izmir British Airways North
Jersey British Airways North
Jersey Flybe South
Kalamata Thomas Cook South
Kalamata Viking Airlines South
Kavalia Thomson Airways North
Kefallinia Monarch Airlines South
Kefallinia Thomas Cook South
Kefallinia Thomson Airways North
Kefallinia Viking Airlines South
Kiev (Borispol) Ukraine International Airlines South
Kingston British Airways North
Kingston Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Knock Aer Lingus South
Kos Viking Airlines South
Kos Monarch Airlines South
Kos Thomas Cook South
Kos Thomson Airways North
Krakow British Airways North
Krakow easyJet South
La Rochelle easyJet South
Lanzarote Viking Airlines South
Larnaca Thomas Cook South
Larnaca Thomson Airways North
Larnaca Monarch Airlines South
Larnaca easyJet North
Las Palmas Thomson Airways North
Las Palmas Thomas Cook South
Las Palmas easyJet North
Las Vegas Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Leeds Bradford Flybe South
Lemnos Thomson Airways North
Lemnos Viking Airlines South
Lisbon TAP Air Portugal South
Lisbon easyJet South
Ljubljana Adria Airways North
Luxembourg British Airways North
Luxor Monarch Airlines South
Luxor Thomson Airways North
Luxor Viking Airlines South
Lyon easyJet South
Madrid Air Europa South
Madrid Ryanair South
Madrid British Airways North
Madrid easyJet South
Mahon Monarch Airlines South
Mahon Thomas Cook South
Mahon Thomson Airways North
Mahon easyJet South
Malaga Aer Lingus South
Malaga Thomson Airways North
Malaga British Airways North
Malaga Monarch Airlines South
Malaga easyJet North
Male Thomson Airways North
Malta Air Malta South
Malta Thomas Cook South
Malta Thomson Airways North
Malta British Airways North
Malta easyJet North
Manchester British Airways North
Marrakech Atlas Blue North
Marrakech easyJet South
Marseille Ryanair South
Marseille easyJet South
Mexico City Mexicana South
Milan (Linate) easyJet South
Milan (Malpensa) easyJet South
Minsk Belavia Belarusian Airlines South
Mitilini Monarch Airlines South
Mitilini Thomson Airways North
Mombasa Monarch Airlines North
Mombasa Monarch Airlines South
Monastir Karthago South
Monastir Thomas Cook South
Monastir Thomson Airways North
Montego Bay Thomson Airways North
Montego Bay Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Montpellier easyJet South
Montreal Thomas Cook South
Munich Aer Lingus South
Munich easyJet South
Murcia Monarch Airlines South
Murcia easyJet South
Mykanos easyJet North
Nantes easyJet South
Naples Monarch Airlines South
Naples Thomas Cook South
Naples Thomson Airways North
Naples British Airways North
Naples easyJet South
New York (JFK) British Airways North
Newcastle Flybe South
Newquay Air Southwest North
Newquay Flybe South
Nice Aer Lingus South
Nice easyJet South
Olbia Thomas Cook South
Olbia easyJet South
Orlando (International) British Airways North
Orlando (International) Virgin Atlantic Airways South
Orlando (Sanford) Monarch Airlines South
Orlando (Sanford) Thomas Cook South
Orlando (Sanford) Thomson Airways North
Oslo South
Ottawa Thomas Cook South
Palermo easyJet South
Palma Monarch Airlines South
Palma Thomas Cook South
Palma British Airways North
Palma Thomson Airways North
Palma easyJet North
Palma Spanair South
Paphos Monarch Airlines South
Paphos British Airways North
Paphos Thomas Cook South
Paphos Viking Airlines South
Paphos Thomson Airways North
Paphos easyJet North
Philadelphia US Airways South
Pisa Thomson Airways North
Pisa British Airways North
Pisa easyJet South
Plymouth Air Southwest North
Ponta Delgada SATA International South
Port of Spain British Airways North
Porto TAP Air Portugal South
Prague easyJet South
Preveza Monarch Airlines South
Preveza Thomas Cook South
Preveza Thomson Airways North
Preveza Viking Airlines South
Pristina British Airways North
Puerto Plata Thomas Cook South
Puerto Plata Thomson Airways North
Pula Thomson Airways North
Pula Croatia Airlines South
Punta Cana Thomas Cook South
Punta Cana Thomson Airways North
Reus Thomas Cook South
Reus Thomson Airways North
Rhodes Monarch Airlines South
Rhodes Viking Airlines South
Rhodes Thomas Cook South
Rhodes Thomson Airways North
Rhodes easyJet North
Riga Air Baltic South
Rome (Fiumicino) British Airways North
Rome (Ciampino) easyJet South
Rome (Fiumicino) easyJet South
Salzburg British Airways North
Salzburg easyJet South
Salzburg Thomson Airways North
Samana El Catey Thomson Airways North
Samos Viking Airlines South
Samos Thomson Airways North
Santa Cruz Thomson Airways North
Shannon Ryanair South
Sharm El Sheikh Monarch Airlines South
Sharm El Sheikh Thomas Cook South
Sharm El Sheikh Thomson Airways North
Sharm El Sheikh Viking Airlines South
Sharm El Sheikh easyJet North
Skiathos Viking Airlines South
Skiathos Thomas Cook South
Skiathos Thomson Airways North
Skiathos Viking Airlines South
Sofia easyJet North
Split Thomas Cook South
Split Croatia Airlines South
Split easyJet South
St Kitts British Airways North
St Lucia Virgin Atlantic Airways South
St Petersburg Rossiya Airlines South
Stavanger South
Stockholm Viking Airlines South
Taba Monarch Airlines South
Taba Thomson Airways North
Talinn Estonian Air South
Tampa British Airways North
Tangier Atlas Blue North
Tenerife (South) Thomas Cook South
Tenerife (South) Monarch Airlines South
Tenerife (South) Thomson Airways North
Tenerife (South) Viking Airlines South
Tenerife (South) easyJet North
Thessaloniki Thomas Cook South
Thessaloniki Thomson Airways North
Thessaloniki British Airways North
Thessaloniki Viking Airlines South
Thessaloniki easyJet South
Thira Thomas Cook South
Thira Thomson Airways North
Thira easyJet North
Tirana British Airways North
Tivat Montenegro Airlines South
Tobago British Airways North
Toronto Thomas Cook South
Toronto Air Transat South
Toulouse easyJet South
Tripoli Afriqiyah South
Tromso South
Tunis British Airways North
Turin British Airways North
Valencia easyJet South
Vancouver Thomas Cook South
Vancouver flyglobespan South
Varadero Thomas Cook South
Varna British Airways North
Varna Bulgaria Air South
Venice Monarch Airlines South
Venice Thomson Airways North
Venice British Airways North
Venice easyJet South
Verona Thomson Airways North
Verona British Airways North
Vienna Aer Lingus South
Vienna easyJet South
Volos Monarch Airlines South
Volos Viking Airlines South
Zagreb Croatia Airlines South
Zakynthos Monarch Airlines South
Zakynthos Thomas Cook South
Zakynthos Thomson Airways North
Zakynthos Viking Airlines South
Zurich Aer Lingus South
Zurich easyJet North

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