Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

One of the items often overlooked by travellers to the UK is the variety of discount passes available. The London Pass is one in a long line including the National Trust Pass, the Historic Houses Association Pass, English Heritage Pass, and various London transport passes. Most are available in the UK, but some, like the well-known Britrail Pass, must be bought outside the UK.

I would advise travellers to get a pass before leaving home even if they are available in Britain. After all, do you really want to spend your valuable time queuing to buy a pass, or actually visiting the attractions you came to see?

What's Included

  • Free entry to over 60 attractions, plus tours and museums
  • Fast Track Entry - you get to skip the queues at selected attractions to save time
  • Optional Travelcard to cover all of your underground and bus transport needs
  • A useful 160+ page guidebook (one for each Adult Pass) with details of the attractions plus helpful tips about visiting London
  • Exclusive special offers

Current Popular Attraction include

  • Tower of London
  • Thames River Cruise
  • London Bridge Experience
  • Windsor Castle
  • London Zoo
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • Kensington Palace

Before you get out your credit card, think about the attractions you really want to see in London. Would you, on your own, choose to visit the attractions listed? How many of them would you visit?

Remember that tourist attractions in London (and across the rest of the UK) tend to be quite expensive - it would not be unusual to pay £8- £14 for adult admission to a popular attraction. For example, a guided tour of Westminster Abbey costs GBP 7 at the time of this writing. Some basic math will tell you how quickly the cost of a discount pass will be recouped.

On my last trip to the UK I seriously considered a Great British Heritage Pass, but when I looked at the list of attractions it covered, I realized that for my tastes, my money was better spent buying both a Historic Houses Association membership and a National Trust membership. It all depends on your personal tastes and how many attractions you can visit without wearing yourself out.

So if you are planning a trip to London, do yourself a favour and check out the London Pass. You just might save a bundle (and have a more enjoyable trip, too).

David Ross, Publisher, Britain Express

Exact discounts and attractions do change, so please check the current discount details on the London Pass website for up-to-the-minute details of exactly what attractions are included.

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