Priorwood Garden, Melrose
Priorwood Garden, Melrose

This walled orchard close to the ruins of Melrose Abbey includes historic apple trees. Most of the plants grown are suitable for drying. Flower arrangements are for sale in the shop, and courses on flower arrangement are offered. Priorwood stands within the precincts of medieval Melrose Abbey.

The orchard is one of the most important features at Priorwood, and several historical varieties of apples survive here. The orchard area may have been originally part of a kitchen garden for the monks of Melrose Abbey. Over 7 varieties of heritage apples at grown in the orchard.

The gardens cover 2 acres, including a special area for growing plants suited to drying. This area provides the dried flower arrangements made on the site and offered for sale in the shop.

Summer flowers in full bloom
Colourful summer flowers in bloom

The gardens are separated into three areas; a dried flower workshop, where you can also learn about the garden's history. Then there is the orchard, with its varieties of historic apples. Beyond this is a woodland garden, which adds a lovely touch of informality to the more formal areas close to the visitor entrance.


It is rare to see two historic gardens so close together - the other in this case is another National Trust for Scotland property, Harmony Garden, just down the street. Though a sudden shower tried to dampen our visit, the pretty and very colourful plantings at Priorwood wouldn't let it - this is a very enjoyable garden, particularly if you enjoy fruit trees.

Priorwood is a wonderful garden for colours and scent, but its main focus is on dried flower cultivation and arrangements. Visitors can even choose their own custom combination of dried flowers to purchase.