Carradale (c) Steve Partridge

An old schoolhouse is home to several local businesses and houses a heritage centre covering the Carradale area, with displays on agriculture, fishing, and forestry on the Kintyre peninsula.

What to See

One of the major themes of the heritage museum is the maritime history of the Kintyre region. A wooden wheelhouse from a fishing boat stands outside the museum building, giving a taste of what awaits you inside.

Displays trace the importance of steam travel in bringing tourists to Carradale around the turn of the 20th century. Then there is the commercial side of fishing, with ship models, radio equipment, and nets.

A major part of the exhibit covers the importance of forestry to the region, especially in the second half of the 20th century. Tree-planting is an important source of local employment, and the exhibits trace how forestry has impacted the social history of the Carradale area.

The traditional way of life on the peninsula is covered as well, with exhibits on farming and weaving. You'll enjoy seeing a traditional hand-loom.

Network Carradale is a locally owned community business and charity. Profits from the museum, tea room, and local shops at the Centre are all invested back into the local community.