Buckland, St Mary
Buckland, St Mary
St Mary's, Buckland is a gem of a church, located in an almost perfect estate village. The church dates to the 12th century, with the addition of a 13th-century chancel and tower. There are matching south and north Norman doors, perfectly aligned, which is quite unusual for this period.

In the chancel is an odd triangular heart-burial locker, created for William Holcott of Barcote Manor (d. 1575). Holcott was a staunch Protestant reformer who narrowly escaped being executed for his reforming views during the reign of Queen Mary I.

There are matching 14th-century memorial recesses on either side of the chancel, with intriguing carved heads decorating the ends of the recess. Along the west wall of the chancel are arranged a set of five early 14th century stained glass shields. These were removed from the side windows of the chancel sometime after 1665.

In the small north transept is a very well preserved memorial brass to John Yate of Buckland Manor (d. 1578). Yate and his family are portrayed in their daily dress, with the details of their costumes beautifully preserved. Also in the north transept is an ancient oak chest. This may have been created as a donation box for the Third Crusade (1189-1192).

Across the nave from the north transept is the Barcote Chapel, created around 1890 as a memorial to Clara Jane, wife of William West, of Barcote Manor. The Barcote Chapel is extraordinarily richly decorated, with a profusion of mosaic wall tiles.

Beside St Mary's stands Buckland Manor House, formerly the manor of the village until the fabulous mansion of Buckland House was created in 1750.