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Oxford Cathedral is the only church in the world to be both a college chapel (to Christ Church College) and a cathedral.

Oxford is one of those English anomalies, a small town that has become a popular tourist destination, giving it a bustling feel in the crowded central core, and pockets of calm just a few feet away. Duck into a college "quad", or square, and the din of Oxford's streets suddenly disappears, to be replaced by a sense of timeless calm.

The history of Oxford is twined around the growth of Oxford University, though Oxford citizens had what could charitably be described as a love/hate relationship (little of the former and a heaping helping of the latter) with the students who have flocked to the Oxford University colleges since at least the 12th century. The colleges of Oxford University are studies in contrast, ranging from the early medieval grandeur of Brasenose to the Tudor Christ Church, and the more modern lines of Keble College.

Each Oxford college is different, each has its own distinct personality. Although most visitors come to Oxford because of the architecture and history of the University, it would be a mistake to overlook the rest of Oxford's diverse attractions.

From world-famous museums like the Ashmolean to simple pleasures like poling a punt along the sleepy Cherwell, Oxford repays a visit many times over. As you explore the city of Oxford with us, we hope that you will come away with a new appreciation for this delightfully attractive city.

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