Baluachraig Cup and Ring Marks
Baluachraig Cup and Ring Marks

Another of the fantastic group of prehistoric monuments that line Kilmartin Glen, Baluachraig is a series of cup and ring marks carved into a natural outcrop of level rock. Baluachraig is located just slightly north of the Dunchraigraig cairns and standing stones.

The markings were carved about 3000 BCE with a stone hammer. It seems possible that the clusters of marks were carved at different times by different groups of visitors to the glen.

The cup and rings are very simple in style, much simpler than at Achnabreck at the south end of the glen. They are essentially a hollow in the rock surface (the cup) surrounded by one or more concentric circles (the rings).

Why was this particular rock face chosen? We don't really know, but according to Historic Scotland, one possibility is that the rock face has good views of the coast. It is also close to a natural pool, which may have held sacred significance to people at that time. It also may have been close to an established trail to hunting ground or pasture land.

Access is very easy; the stone is located next to the A186 about one mile south of Kilmartin village.