A very well-preserved section of the Antonine Wall ditch survives at Dullatur, just south of the Dullatur Marsh nature reserve. The ditch provided an extra level of defence for the wall, and in places could reach over 20 feet wide.

The section preserved at Dullatur is one of the deepest sections to survive anywhere along the course of the Wall.

There are two temporary Roman camps here, but no trace of them can be seen on the ground, only the course of the Wall itself and the defensive ditch. The camps lie about 400m south of the Wall. The first camp, about 9 acres in size (3.6 hectares), was probably used as a temporary base for workmen constructing the Wall.

The second camp is smaller and was built after the first camp had been abandoned. It incorporated parts of the first camp's defences. Both camps now lie beneath housing estates on Antonine Road.

A short distance away is Croy Hill fortlet.