St Andrew's Church, Aberfeldy
St Andrew's Church, Aberfeldy

Sometimes known as St Andrew's Parish Church Hall and Tower, established in 1843 as a Free Church, the building was converted into a church hall in the 1960s after a merger of parishes. The original internal galleries have been removed, and the roof lowered. 

The church was comprehensively restored in the early 2000s and reopened in 2005 with worship continuing in the sanctuary area and the rest of the building used for community events.

The church is striking, with its tall semi-detached bell tower rising in two stages to a steeple, and red brick used to accent the stone walls. Nearby is the listed Manse, built in a style described by Historic Environment Scotland as 'Breadalbane Estate Tudor'.

Don't confuse St Andrew's with the former parish church of Aberfeldy on Crieff Road, a few minutes walk south.

St Andrew's is extremely easy to reach from the town centre. It stands on Taybridge Road (the B846) a few minutes stroll from Wade's Bridge.