Looking west from Craigower
Craigower is a hill overlooking Pitlochry, preserved as an important natural landscape by the National Trust for Scotland. The hilltop site covers 4.5 hectares, a mix of heath and Scots pine, and provides a home for a wide variety of butterflies.
Fourteen varieties of butterfly have been seen on Craigower, with star species including the Scotch Argus and Green Hairstreak. In summer the Scotch Argus appear in great clouds on sunny days.

Craigower stands 1335 feet high (407 metres) and views from the summit are fantastic. On a clear day you can see as far as Glencoe to the west, and look out over Loch Rannoch and Loch Tunnel closer at hand. Visit in autumn and you will see great swaths of the forest alive with vibrant colours.

One unusual feature on the site is a hibernaculum; a specially built habitat for reptiles to hibernate during the cold winter months. The hibernaculum is on the south slope of the hill to take advantage of warmth from the sun.

Craigower can be reached on foot by marked trail from Pitlochry, a round trip of 6 miles, or from Craigower car park, a much shorter 3-mile trip. The car park is at Balnacraig, left off the A924 at the Moulin Hotel. Follow signs for the Craigower Hill Walk.