Uppark is an imposing late 17th-century house set high upon the South Downs, offering stunning views to the coast. The house is set in intimate gardens in the 'picturesque' style. Interior exhibits include a Georgian doll house, plus a 'Grand Tour' exhibit and a display telling the story of Uppark's restoration following a disastrous fire in 1989.


We visited Uppark on a sunny day in late June when the views over the surrounding hills were simply amazing. Highlights of the visit for me were the wonderful collection of paintings and the remarkable plastered ceilings throughout the staterooms. The National Trust did a terrific job with information 'cards' in each room, each card detailing interesting facts about one specific object in the room and its relationship to the people of Uppark.

Other highlights included a huge doll-house, which had our 10-year-old daughter in raptures. The exhibition about the Uppark fire was fascinating; it is remarkable to think that the house was able to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes, to become the showpiece that we see today. Apart from the main house, I was struck by the dairy, which must have seemed a veritable paradise for the dairymaids (in fact, it is nicer than many a modern kitchen!). All in all, we had a wonderful visit and can highly recommend Uppark.