Arnside and Silverdale
Far Arnside Cliffs
Arnside and Silverdale is a unique countryside area on the verge of Morecambe Bay, stretching from northern Lancashire into southern Cumbria. The entire area is preserved as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Within the AONB are several National Trust administered areas worth mentioning, including Arnside Knott, a low hill that has proved to be enormously successful as a home to butterflies.

The top of Arnside Summit gives excellent views north into the Lake District National Park, and out across Morecambe Bay.

Near Arnside Knott is Eaves Wood, an area of woodland that features several areas of exposed limestone pavement. This type of geological feature occurs when glaciers retreat, leaving behind slabs of limestone, called clints, split by deep fissures, or grikes. If the clints are square or rectangular, as they often are, the resemblance to manmade paving is quite remarkable. Eaves Wood has a network of paths making for enjoyable walks, and there is a Jubilee monument at the top.

The Lots, near Silverdale village, is grassland running down to the shore. There are views out over Morecambe Bay from a network of paths. The grasslands provide the perfect setting for spring displays of wildflowers. Jack Scout is a cliff on the Lancashire shore of Morecambe Bay. The geology here is limestone grassland, and it provides habitat for a variety of local songbirds and migratory birds.

Heald Brow is a mix of woodland, grassland, pasture, and scrub. There are good views from the top of the Brow and a rather odd looking field of hummocks made by large ant nests.

Arnside and Silverdale AONB
Arnside and Silverdale - National Trust
Arnside Knott map - OS: SD450774
Eaves Wood map - OS: SD465763
The Lots map - OS: SD460749
Jack Scout map - OS: SD458737
Heald Brow map - OS: SD468742.