Budlake Old Post Office Room
Budlake Old Post Office Room
Part of the National Trust's Killerton Estate, Budlake Post Office offers a nostalgic look back at a 1950s era post office. The post office is an attractive thatched cottage set in a lovely cottage garden, where you will find a chicken house, pigsty, wash house, and a dual seat privy.

Visiting Budlake

I visited Budlake as part of an excursion taking in Killerton House, Killerton Chapel, Markers Cottage, Broadclyst Mill, and the medieval church in Broadclyst village. Honestly, you could easily spend at least half a very enjoyable day visiting historic attractions within a mile or two of Killerton!

The Post Office itself is very small, but it is crammed to the rafters with the myriad of items that a traditional village shop would have stocked. Anyone older than 50 will get a bit misty-eyed when browsing the shelves, which are crammed with everything from Coronation memorabilia to 1950s magazines and canned food. It truly is a nostalgia treasure trove of village life.

In a clever touch, the old rotary phone plays recorded reminiscences of village life from members of the local community and Killerton estate workers if you dial different numbers.

Inside the Post office shop
Inside the Post Office shop

The garden is just as interesting as the post office. Much of the garden was added by a later tenant, but it does help show what a common country garden would have, including not just lush green foliage and flowers, but more practical elements such as a small vegetable garden, chicken house, and pigsty. At the bottom of the garden is a wash house, which shows how our grandparents did their washing.

The Budlake Post Office does a good job of evoking a sense of nostalgia for what life was like in a country estate in Devon not so very long ago. Combine that with all the other attractions nearby and you have the basis for a really enjoyable outing.

A footpath leads from the post office to Killerton, following an old carriage drive.