368 sq miles, map courtesy of Ordnance Survey
The landscape of Dartmoor is extraordinary; tall granite "tors" stand out atop two high plateaus split by the valley of the River Dart.On those plateaus the famous Dartmoor ponies still graze. Dartmoor is also blessed with an abundance of prehistoric remains. Standing stones, hut circles and hill forts dot the landscape of the moor. More modern remains of tin mining are still visible in some places, notably around Mary Tavy. Dartmoor's soil is notorious for bogs, which is not surprising when you consider that in some places the peat is 12 ft. deep.
The worst of the bogs are located in the isolated northern section of the moor. Mist and fog are a constant threat everywhere. Despite these inconveniences Dartmoor remains a favorite walking centre. There are numerous paths on the High Moor and in the valleys.

Dartmoor is bestrewn with prehistoric remains. Bronze Age stone circles, enclosures, cairns, and isolated standing stones abound. There are remains of settlements at Grimspound and Standon Down, and several varieties of stone rows and circles near Merrivale. The moor is also famous for its "clapper bridges", with the best at Dartmeet and Postbridge.
Dartmoor Photo Gallery - take a tour around the best of Dartmoor in pictures.

What to see:
Bellever Wood - conifer plantation with two nature trails
Castle Drogo - Victorian "castle" on a high bluff over River Teign. There are walks along the river and through open parkland.
Grimspound - Bronze Age settlement with other prehistoric monuments nearby
Hembury - heath and woodland owned by the National Trust. Great views from the Iron Age hillfort atop Hembury
Teign Valley Woods
- oak and beech woodland lines the river Teign, complete with a nature trail.
Ordnance Survey maps covering Dartmoor:
Explorer OS maps (1: 25000) - best for walking
EX028 Dartmoor

Landranger OS maps (1: 50000)

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