Leominster Museum
Leominster Museum
A museum of local history for Leominster and area. The Museum includes a recreation of a Victorian schoolroom and stables, plus a cider press and mill. There is a special exhibit on local artist John Scarlett Davis, an immensely successful Victorian painter, and local archaeological finds are on display.

The museum (originally called the Leominster Folk Museum) has a wealth of artefacts and archives for Leominster and the surrounding area. See a Bronze age burial unearthed at Aymestrey, and a collection of unique early postage stamps and marks for use locally.

See cheques and bank notes printed for the Leominster and Herefordshire Bank, railway artefacts from the construction of the Leominster and Kingston Railway.

The museum opened its doors on Etnam Street in 1972, in a building once used as a mission house for railway workers. It later purchased a 19th-century stable owned by the neighbouring building. The building was extended to display an entire cider mill which was left to the museum.

The newest addition to the museum is a special display called 'Rifles and Spades', a collection of local objects connected to World War One.

Among objects associated with John Scarlett Davis is a sketchbook holding 173 sketches, and a self-portrait painted in 1828.