Lundin Links Standing Stones
Lundin Links Standing Stones

A trio of striking standing stones dating to the Bronze Age is all that remains of four stones reaching about 5 metres in height (about 17 feet high). As is common with stone circles, there are many theories as to who erected them, and for what purpose.

One tale suggests that they were used by Druids as a ceremonial place. Excavations nearby revealed remains of several stone cists dating back about 2000 years. What is more certain is that the Lundin Links stones are easily among the most impressive prehistoric remains in Scotland.

The Lundin Links stones are located on the second fairway of the Ladies golf course to the north side of the main A road through the village. Online sources that I read while researching the stones suggested that one should ask for permission at the clubhouse. In fact, I had to ask at the Starter's hut beside the first tee.

The starter was extremely helpful and polite and offered me an information sheet about the stones. You can clearly see the outline of the stones from the starter's hut, but please do take care of golfers! I was aware that the stones were tall, but it was only when I saw them in person that I realised just how impressive they are - the stones are huge!

The setting on a manicured golf course is rather peculiar, compared with the rather rough and ready setting for most stone circles in Britain, but that only makes them even more striking.