Reekie Linn waterfall
Reekie Linn waterfall

One of the easiest of Scotland's waterfalls to access, Reekie Linn is actually a pair of linked falls on the River Isla, at Bridge of Craigisla, about 4 miles north of Alyth. There is a parking area immediately north of the bridge on the B954, with picnic tables and an information sign explaining the geology of the area and the variety of bird life you can see there. From the parking area, there is a short 5-minute walk to a viewing area for the falls.

Beware - the path to the waterfall passes close to the edge of a steep-sided gorge, and there are sheer drops of 150 feet down to the water below. It is not dangerous at all if you use common sense, but do keep dogs - and small children - on a lead!

Near the beginning of the walk to the falls the underlying rock is very hard bedrock, but this soon gives way to soft sandstone. The force of the water over time has gradually eroded the sandstone and carved a deep and dramatic gorge that drops some 45 metres to a deep pool.

The sudden drop has created two separate falls, and the combined effects of the falls send up a fine mist. This mist is what gives Reekie Linn its name. Reekie roughly translates as smoky, or misty, and linn means a deep or dark pool.

The two falls have drops of 6 metres and 18 metres, but when the River Isla is in spate the two falls merge to create a single drop of 24 metres. It is really quite impressive!

Near the pool at the base of the falls is a cave called Black Dub (not easy to view from the path). Local legend says that an outlaw once hid in the cave. But then the devil appeared in the shape of a huge black dog. The outlaw was so frightened that he gave himself up to the authorities.

Note that although the main viewing area gives you very nice distant views of the falls, you can, with due care, easily view the top of the falls by taking a detour off the main path - it will be obvious where to do so. But for goodness sake, if you do, please take care and do not go too far out on the rocks at the top of the falls!