Clan Donnachaidh Museum
Clan Donnachaidh Museum
This small museum tells the story of Clan Donnachaidh, thought to be one of the oldest clans in Scotland.
The clan traces its history back to the old Celtic Earls of Atholl. Perhaps the most famous name in the early lineage of clan descent was Abbot Crinan of Dunkeld, father of King Duncan, who was murdered by MacBeth. Duncan's younger son, Maelmare became Earl of Atholl and was the ancestor of the chiefs of Clan Donnachaidh.

The first recorded clan chief was the early 14th-century warrior, Duncan the Stout. In this case, stout does not refer to his build but his valour in battle. Perhaps the most famous chief was Alexander Robertson of Struan, known as The Poet Chief, who fought in all three Jacobite rebellions, in 1689, 1715, and 1745.

The museum in Bruar opened in 1969 with four broad aims; to showcase clan history, the countryside traditionally home to clan members, the lives of individual clansmen and women, and the work of the clan society.

There are a gift shop and reading room of clan materials. Immediately outside the museum is a striking memorial to the 51st Highland Division, showing a Highland piper.