All Saints Church, Honoiton
Honiton is a popular market town in East Devon, well known as a centre for antiques. However, it was really lace that made Honiton famous. Queen Victoria chose Honiton lace for her wedding dress.

Unusually for such an ancient town, most of the older buildings in the town centre date from no older than the Georgian period. This is due to a devastating fire in the 18th century which necessitated rebuilding much of Honiton. The result is the pleasant town centre we see today.

All Hallows Museum on High Street is the oldest building in Honiton. It dates to the 13th century and is now a museum housing the most extensive display of Honiton Lace in the world. Also of interest is Marwood House, a 17th-century manor. Nearby is the huge Neolithic hill fort of Hembury Castle.