The BVR steam locomotive under steam at Wroxham station
The BVR steam locomotive 'Mark Timothy' under steam at Wroxham station

The Bure Valley Railway, or BVR, is a very popular 15-inch railway running between Aylsham and Wroxham, a distance of about 18 miles. Along the way, the route passes through the beautiful valley of the River Bure, through pasture, meadowland, and picturesque villages.

The railway uses both steam and diesel engines and operates numerous special days, such as Halloween trains and a Santa special at Christmas.

The signal tower at Wroxham station
The signal tower at Wroxham station

A footpath and cycleway run along the track, offering a more vigorous way to view the Bure Valley! Cyclists are encouraged to bring their bikes onto the trains (a charge applies).

Starting from Wroxham the train stops at Coltishall, Buxton, and Brampton before reaching Aylsham. Brampton, Buxton, and Coltishall are request stops only. The only places to board the train are at Wroxham and Aylsham.


The Bure Valley Railway follows the track laid down for the East Norfolk Railway. The ENR opened in 1877 with a service linking Norwich to Cromer on the coast. In 1880 an extension was opened between Aylsham and Wroxham. This is the part of the line now used by the BVR.

In 1882 the ENR was purchased by the Great Eastern Railway, which operated the line until it too was taken over in 1923 by the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). In 1948 the LNER and other regional services were nationalised as British Rail.

The line finally closed to passengers in 1952, though the freight service continued until 1981. The BVR opened in 1990 and a footpath following the route opened the following year.