Cobbaton Combat Collection (c) Brian Henley
Cobbaton Combat Collection

Cobbaton Military Museum is billed as 'A Hobby which got out of hand'. It certainly did! Preston Isaac had a passion for World War II, and his collection of military paraphernalia, including tanks, guns, helmets, artillery, bombs, and other weapons.

The 'Home Front' is equally well represented, with the collection including ration books, blackout lamps, civilian gas masks, as well as Home Guard and ARP uniforms.

Unlike some museums, where articles are clean to the point of being antiseptic, the Cobbaton Collection artefacts are presented as they would have been in daily use; so the jeeps have muddy tires, and are as cluttered as they would have been during the war.

Vehicles and other exhibits are frequently used in TV, film, and video work to recreate authentic WWII ambience.