Brampton Bryan, St Barnabas Church (c) Angela Jones
Brampton Bryan, St Barnabas Church

St Barnabas Church, Brampton Bryan, is remarkable in that it was one of only six churches built in England during the Commonwealth, that period between the death of Charles I and the Restoration of the Monarchy under Charles II.

The church was constructed in 1656 to replace a medieval church destroyed during the 1643 siege of Brampton Bryan castle.

The church is Puritan in style, and very different from most medieval churches in the area.

The nave and chancel are unusually combined under a single roof; a wonderful example of double-hammerbeam construction.

One monument survived the destruction of the medieval church; this commemorates Lady Margaret de Brampton and dates to the 14th century. Lady Margaret is depicted holding her heart in her hands.

The church stands within the Harley estate.