Dyffryn Syfynwy Stone Circle
Dyffryn Syfynwy Stone Circle
Sometimes known as the Duffryn Stones, this is an elliptical circle of eighteen stones varying in height from 3 to 7 feet surround a ruinous ring cairn. Only 10 of the stones are still standing. The easternmost stone is clearly taller than the other stones, but whether this has any significance is unclear.
The stones are thought to have lined a ring cairn, though there is no obvious evidence of a cairn within the circle now. If there was a burial cairn, then perhaps the overly large stone was placed before the entrance to a passage leading into the burial mound.

The other curious feature at Dyffryn Syfynwy is that several of the fallen stones have odd fluting, or shallow grooves running in parallel across their surfaces. Though this may be a result of natural glacial action, perhaps the stones were chosen for the circle because of their od patterned appearance.

Written records from the early 20th century suggest that there were several outlying standing stones near the circle at that time. The stone circle stands within a farm field, and though there is no obvious public access you can still view the site quite clearly from the track that runs along the nearby fence.

Getting There

The site is listed as a cairn on OS maps, but should still be easy to find. There are footpaths off the minor road between Trebengych and Bernard's Well Uchaf (north east of Tufton and Henry's Moat). A footpath east of St Bernard's Well follows the edge of a field boundary until the circle comes into view after about 500 metres.