The Waun Mawn Stone
The Waun Mawn Stone

Waun Mawn Standing Stones consist of four stones, part of what may have been a very large diameter circle. Two stones are standing, and two are prostrate. Nearby are the Troed y Rhiw standing stones.

Waun Mawn has been described as the remains of a stone row, and also as a stone circle. If it is indeed a row then a lot of stones have gone missing over the centuries! But if it is a stone circle then the remaining stones indicate a circle with a huge circumference.

Nearby is a solitary standing stone, dubbed, naturally, 'Waun Mawn Stone'. This solitary stone is by far the most impressive, measuring some 2.3 metres high. It stands to the west of the main group, but is it part of a larger complex of stones, or something else entirely?

Waun Mawn translates roughly from the Welsh for a peat moorland.

Waun Mawn Stone from the east
The Waun Mawn Stone from the east

Getting There

Access to the stones is quite easy, and involves a 5-minute walk on a farm track. There is a rough layby on the B4329, immediately north of the cattle grid at the southern edge of Tafarn-y-bwlch. If you are coming from the north, don't cross the cattle grid!

Look for the layby to the right (west) of the road just before the cattle grid. If you are coming from the south, cross the cattle grid and the layby is immediately beyond it on your left. There is room for two cars.

From the layby go through the farm gate and follow the public footpath up the track. You will pass the Tafarn-y-bwlch Standing Stones on your left after 200m, and after another 50m you will see the Waun Mawn stone on your right, just 10m off the track. It is a very easy walk, but it can be wet and mudy when you leave the fotpath, so good waterproof footwear is essential.