Victoria Gallery and Museum
Victoria Gallery and Museum
A collection of curiosities amassed by the University of Liverpool over the 130+ years of its existence. The Victoria Gallery and Museum offers a unique glimpse into the history of Liverpool through a weird and wonderful collection of oddities, peculiarities, and just plain unusual artefacts.

Not only does the museum contain art and artefacts, but the museum building is itself a work of art, a Grade II listed Gothic building designed by the prominent Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse.

You will see much more than static museum exhibits; visit a recreation of an Edwardian archaeology excavation and see artefacts saved from destruction when the Liverpool Museum was hit by bombs during the Blitz. There are displays of early scientific experiments, including a collection of dentures, early x-rays, and antique calculators, displayed in subdued natural lighting to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

By contrast, the Gallery section of the Victoria Gallery and Museum is bright and well-lit, with permanent exhibits of art including a special display of paintings by the American naturalist John Jacob Audubon. There are Chinese and British ceramics, sculpture by Epstein and Frink, and modern artists from the Liverpool area.

Entry: Free.