Marwick Head RSPB
Marwick Head RSPB
On Marwick Head is an RSPB nature reserve featuring thousands of breeding seabirds in a clifftop location. The views are spectacular. Also on Marwick Head is the Kitchener Memorial, a tower dedicated to the memory of Lord Kitchener who was killed in the wreck of the HMS Hampshire off this coast in 1916.

The RSPB calls the cliffs at Marwick Head a 'seabird city', giving some indication of just how many birds make this imposing area of red sandstone cliffs their home. It is the largest seabird colony in a cliff location on Orkney.

In a one-mile-long stretch of the coast up to 25,000 seabirds breed. The best time of year to enjoy the birdlife is during May and June, but there is always something to see.

You can also descend to the beach at Marwick, where low tide exposes a lagoon known as The Choin, where you can find waders and ducks. Inland is an area of low-lying meadows for more birds.

There are 2 car parks. One at Cumlaquoy offers the quickest route to the Kitchener Memorial. The main car park at Marwick offers the best access to the beach.