Veddw House Garden
Veddw House Garden
An ambitious modern creation, Veddw consists of two acres of garden and two of woodland combing traditional and original ideas, designed to reflect local heritage.

What to See

The gardens at Veddw are essentially the work of garden photographer Charles Hawkins and writer Anne Wareham, author of The Bad Tempered Gardener, who converted an area of ancient grassland. The grassland has been retained throughout the garden, particularly in the Meadow area.

The garden stands in the beautiful countryside beside the Welsh border, above the historic village of Tintern with its ruined medieval abbey. The gardens are divided into 2 main areas; 2 acres of woodland and a further 2 acres o ornamental gardens.

One of the real highlights at Veddw is a reflecting pool, made to mirror pool-side plants in the water's surface. Gently curving hedges lead from the pool's edge and echo the undulating hills of the border countryside. One area of particular interest is a parterre planted to illustrate a local Tithe Map drawn in 1842.

Other major garden areas include an ornamental vegetable garden, magnolia walk, hedge garden, Hosta walk, Crescent Border, and an intriguing wild garden with unusual 'headstone' ornaments commemorating local names and locations.

In the south garden stand the ruins of a Victorian cottage, with stone walls incorporated into the garden design. See an unusual grey border, cotoneaster walk, and a fish garden. Veddw is an innovative and striking garden, tied to the history of the Tintern region.