Alexander Keiller Museum
Alexander Keiller Museum
A museum detailing the life and work of archaeology pioneer Alexander Keillor. Keillor was responsible for much of the early excavating work at the Avebury henge complex, and the museum has one of the best exhibits of prehistoric remains in the country.

Keillor was a member of the Keillor family, successful makers of marmalade. He established the museum here to display his finds from excavations at Avebury and Windmill Hill. The museum was opened in 1938.

The museum depicts in detail how Keillor surveyed and excavated the archaeological remains at Avebury. Many of his techniques were well ahead of his time; for example, he was one of the first to make extensive use of aerial photography.

Admission to the museum also permits entry to the Barn Galleries nearby, which has exhibits showing how people may have lived at Avebury at the time the great henge and stone circle was built.

Immediately behind the Alexander Keillor Museum is Avebury Manor, a lovely Tudor manor house and garden (National Trust).