Castell Gwallter (c) Chris Denny
Castell Gwallter

Castell Gwallter is a motte and bailey castle with a ditch and rampart surviving, built about 1110. The castle was the administrative centre of the Anglo-Norman lordship of Geneu'r-glyn. The castle mound is completely overgrown and little or nothing remains of any buildings on the site.

The castle was destroyed about 1135, and seems never to have been rebuilt. The last mention of it in any historical record is from 1153, after which it seems to have disappeared from the pages of history. It may have been left to decay in favour of the newer Domen Las castle at Abereinion.

The mound is protected by a ditch, and has a flattened top. The base is about 32 metres across and about 4.5 metres high.

A small bailey protected by a ditch and bank stands to the north of the mound. This area would have originally held the lord's hall and other wooden domestic buildings.

An even larger enclosure stands to the north of the mound and may have been the site for the main castle buildings.