Goxhill, St Giles Church
Goxhill, St Giles Church
This delightful Georgian church stands in an isolated position with only a farm for close company. St Giles was the traditional burial place of the Constables of Wassand. It is built of a mix of cobble and brick, with a lovely west tower under a pyramidal roof which gives the church a distinct Italian aura.

There are no electric lights; the interior is lit by oil lamps. Near the west entry is a rebuilt Norman tub font bearing very rustic geometric patterns. The most interesting historic feature of Goxhill church is to be found in the tiny chancel.

Set into the floor is a wonderful effigy in relief, dating to the later 14th century. The effigy is that of Johanna de Lellay, dressed in long, flowing robes. The carving is very fine; the details of Johanna's headdress and necklace are very well executed.

The effigy slab is ringed with an inscription in Latin which translates as 'Pray for the Soul of Johanne who was the wife of Radulph de Lellay who here lies'.

On the floor opposite the effigy is a 15th-century piscina bearing the arms of the Lellay family.