Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones
Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones
A pair of ancient standing stones stands in an exposed position at the foot of Holyhead Mountain, on Holy Island, Anglesey. The stones date to around 2000 BCE and are in very good condition. Both stones are about 10-11 feet high and stand about 10 feet apart.

One theory is that they are aligned to face Holyhead Mountain, another that their true focus is the opposite direction, toward Snowdonia.

Another conjecture is that the stones were once part of a larger funerary arrangement, but if so, there is no evidence of any other remains on the site. However, the location is wonderful, and the views are fabulous.

A short distance away is Plas Meilw Settlement, so it is always possible that the stones were set up by the same people who inhabited Plas Meilw. Because of their proximity, you may see the stones referred to as the Plas Meilw Standing Stones.

Though the stones are under the care of Cadw, this is an open site with easy access at any time.