Hadrian's Wall Attractions
Since Hadrian's Wall stretches so far from the North Sea to the Irish Sea, there's a lot of it to take in. Here are some of the best preserved sections of Hadian's Wall to see:
Bank's East Turret - map
Benwell Roman Temple - map
Birdoswald Fort and Hadrian's Wall - map
Black Carts Turret - map
Brunton Turret - map
Carrawburgh Temple of Mithras - map
Cawfields Roman Wall - map
Chesters Roman Fort - map
Chesters Bridge Abutment - map
Corbridge Roman Site - map
Denton Hall Turret - map
Harrow's Scar Milecastle - map
Heddon-on-the-Wall - map
Housesteads Fort - map
Leahill Turret and Piper Sike Turret - map
Pike Hill Signal Tower - map
Planetrees Roman Wall - map
Poltross Burn Milecastle - map
Segedunum Roman Fort - map
Sewingshields Roman Wall - map
Vindolanda Roman Fort - map
Walltown Crags Roman Wall - map
Willowford - map
Willowford Bridge - map
Winshields Roman Wall - map

To get a better idea of the history of Hadrians Wall, we have a pair of in depth articles for you.
Hadrian's Wall and Roman Britain
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And if you fancy getting a double dose of healthy exercise and Roman history, why not try walking a section of the Hadrians Wall National Trail? (Official Hadrian's Wall Trail website)

OS Maps:
These OS maps cover the major sections of Hadrian's Wall
Explorer (these are the ones we personally use) 43, 314, 315, 316 (external website)