Fort Augustus Clansman Centre
Image is (c) Fort Augustus Clansman Centre
A combination Celtic craft shop and interactive Highland museum. The Clansman Centre features live demonstrations by costumed actors dressed in traditional Highland garb, who give visitors a glimpse into traditional Highland customs and a way of life that has thrived in this area for hundreds of years.

The Clansman Centre features an exhibition of traditional and historical Highland customs, with presentations that recount old legends and clan folklore. The centre is housed in a 19th-century schoolhouse, but when you step through the doors you are stepping back in time to the 17th century, to a traditional Highland turf house.

A costumed guide shows how clan members ate, dressed, slept, and survived. Learn about clan traditions and culture, warfare and dress, in an entertaining, informative, and interactive experience.

The Centre could best be described as a living museum, with demonstrations including how to wield a claymore in battle to how to put on a belted kilt. There is an armoury of traditional Scottish weapons, including a targe (shield), claymore, dirk, sgian, and broadsword. Real (and very sharp!) examples of each weapon can be purchased in the shop.