Its Time Machine Funtington
Its Time Machine Funtington
A bit of a different type of museum, the Time Machine undertakes projects and deconstructs the apparatus of science to let everyone get involved. At the heart of the museum is a collection of historic clocks and other timepieces.

A different sort of museum

Its Time Machine is housed inside a cathedral steeple! The museum building was created from the rubble produced when the spire of Chichester Cathedral collapsed in 1861. The spire collapsed like a telescope, falling down upon itself. That meant that most of the building blocks could be salvaged and used to rebuild the structure at Funtington.

Every one of the stones was crafted by hand and reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle to create the building we see today. The pieces of the spire were recombined to create a chapel, which was eventually taken over by The Clock Trust to create this unique science experience centre.

You can't categorise Its Time Machine like a normal museum because it isn't normal! Its purpose is to engage young people in creative projects, whether through school curriculum or simply by provoking an interest amongst regular visitors.

For example, there is the Bosworth Line Garden Train, a 7 1/2 inch gauge railway made to teach the physics of motion. Part of the railway experience are models of Chichester Cathedral and the Kingley Vale.

There are spaces that can be booked for creative projects, including Gert the Yurt, an Army mess tent, and an 1881 Brighton Works Railway Carriage. A huge tool and materials bank means that whatever you decide to build, the materials are close at hand.

Budding puppeteers will be in heaven for the centre has over 200 puppets and materials including back screens, light shows, sound effects and other special effects so that you can design and record your own puppet extravaganza.

The Retro Shop has nostalgic costumes and accessories.